1200 x 700 Fibreglass Shower Cubicle



This shower is a 2-piece, white, 1200x700 Shower/Toilet Cubicle with a maximum height of 1880. It can take various toilet and basin options including a Thetford bench toilet or a swivel bowl toilet. Door hole and height will be cut to size for your convenience. Toilet, door and fittings are not included. (These pictures show showers straight off the mould, before trimming.)

Once the purchase is complete we will help you determine which shape top is most suitable for your vehicle. The tops of our shower units are shaped to fit the wall-ceiling curve of various vehicles. If we do not have the best fit in stock it will take a week to make one up for you.

The gelcoat surface (the colour of the fibreglass) is very hard-wearing with great impact resistance and is super-easy to clean. Fibreglass components mean tough, long-lasting and lightweight products which keep the overall weight of your vehicle down.


We use independent freight companies which ship every 2-4 weeks. If you prefer to organise shipping from your end we are happy to package and label items at no extra cost.

To Tauranga $195.00-$245.00 (if you a add a door, the shipping is the same with this courier!)
To Hamilton $170.00-$220.00 (if you a add a door, the shipping is the same with this courier!)
To Whangarei $195.00
To Kerikeri/Paihia $280.00
To South Island $300.00

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